Friday, August 29, 2014


I realize it's been a while since we made our big announcement. And there's been more BIG news since then, which has made us adjust our plan a bit.

In May we found out we are expecting. *squee* In July we found out its a little girl. Her name is Preslyn and she will be making her grand appearance in January. We are so very very excited! And can't wait for our little nomad to arrive.

It has definitely changed our process in our RV hunt. For example, now we need a place to put the baby. Ha!

While I haven't been posting, that doesn't mean we haven't been looking. There just hasn't been much to say because the actual hunt part is pretty boring...and now I'm back because it's getting more real. We think we found THE one. The top three things that were a must for us (and apparently a darn near impossible request) were:

1. A bunk (baby needs her space)
2. Washer/Dryer hookup (especially with a baby on the way...there will be lots of laundry...and having to go to the laundromat frequently is an expense & not particularly enjoyable)
3. An oven along with the range (I like to bake...if this is my full time home, it's a must) although every stinkin' salesman tried to sell me on a convection oven.

There are also a bunch of features on this RV that David is in love an external tv (Thank God! He can keep the UT football outside), a flat screen in the living room, 3 slide outs, basically anything electronic is his cup of tea.

The one we found is in Louisiana...and hopefully we will be calling it home very soon. Our hope is two-ish weeks.

I have big plans for it. I'm already thinking of all the possibilities to paint, decorate and make it our own! :-)

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Big Reveal...

It's with GREAT hesitation that I'm sharing our plans. We are in the very early stages of planning, but I love hearing about a process from start to finish and I can only assume there are others who feel the same way.

As most of you know, my husband travels for work. So...he's out of town about 65-80% of the time. As you can imagine, a CONSTANT long distance relationship with no end in sight is really trying. And believe it or not...I'd like to be with him all the time so that we can continue our mushy grossness and make the masses puke. :-D

My BRILLIANT husband came up with the idea that when I'm finished with my job in July/August, I take a siesta from work and hit the road with him. in different hotels in different towns, living out of suitcases with no home base is not ideal to me. So, we've discussed our options and put a lot of thought into it...and have decided to begin fulltiming in an RV. Instead of buying a home right away, we're going to buy an RV so that I can go where my husband is...and what time he does have off, we'll get to travel these great states and see new places!!!

I cannot even begin to explain my excitement!!!

Now we just have the HUGE undertaking of deciding what we want in our new home and figuring out how to make this dream a reality. I'm looking forward to sharing our journey with you...I do believe we're in for quite an adventure.

If you know someone who full time RV's or have tips or positive words for us, please feel free to share! We are definitely newbies with a ton to learn.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's been a while y'all... may or may not have noticed. But, it's been a while since I've posted.

While I did quite a bit of traveling in my time away...for some reason I never felt it was blogworthy. I prepare for this next phase in my life, I feel my fellow travelers and travel lovers would enjoy hearing about the preparation part before the journey actually begins. 

Before I tell you my new plan...I should probably fill you in on what I've been up to.

When I returned from Costa Rica I took a job with the YMCA Fun Co. - an after school program for elementary aged kids. Shortly after starting there I took a director position...where I remained until the end of August last year (2013).

In August I took a job as a live in nanny in D.C. ...I'm still with the family and will be until August. But, now we're in Nashville...we moved back mid January 2014.

Flashback to February 19th, 2013...and I went to a hockey game with a friend of mine (whom I've known for about 6 years). That game turned out to be pretty important...because before I really knew what was happening I had fallen pretty hard for the guy. That sweet, perfect man's name is David and I'm now lucky enough to call him my husband. We got married March 15th, 2014.

Crazy right?! & the hubs are getting ready to embark on an adventure and we're very excited to take you along for the ride.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I felt the earth move, under my feet...

Ok...not really! But, I definitely should have.

Today, a 7.6 earthquake rocked Costa Rica - it was felt as far as Panama and Nicaragua...and I didn't feel a thing. I was blissfully unaware as I rode the bus to my project, I really thought it was just a slightly bumpier than usual ride! Silly me.

There were mud/rockslides, buildings collapsed, walls cracked, powerlines were downed, etc. etc.

And yet, the hardest part of my day was consoling and inconsolable child. One of the sweetest little boys had already headed off to school, and was in his classroom alone when the earthquake hit. He came RUNNING back into the hogarcito and couldn't stop crying and asking for his Papa. My heart seriously broke. I hugged him for the longest and he sat in my lap as he colored all day and we played with some puzzles. He kept saying he was scared it would happen again.

Moments like that totally reassure me that I am ABSOLTELY where I need to be right now!

That, AND I got to see two more sweet little boys be adopted today! They are also going to live with a family in Italy, so so so happy for them!

Pura vida!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life goes on...

One of the hardest things to deal with while I'm gone is that life goes on.

I know it's unrealistic, but in some ways I hoped life at home would just...freeze. I wanted to come back to everything exactly how I had left it. Somehow I wasn't prepared for all the change that has occurred. Next to homesickness...change is the hardest thing.

While I've been gone my great grandmother has passed away, my little brother had his 6th birthday, my 22 year old brother was in a motorcycle wreck that was nearly fatal (he's going to be okay...thank God), my best friend's little girl has.started walking, I moved (impressive right??? Ha!), my sister started a new job, and while I have another 6 weeks will continue to go on. A good friend (best friends husband) will be  leaving for Afghanistan, I will miss my favorite little girls first birthday, I can't be there for my brother as he recovers, I'm missing first days of school, peewee football games and t-ball and about a billion other little life events as well as major life events!

I am absolutely enjoying every minute here, but I had no idea I would miss all these big/little events so much...and I hate that. I guess I love and miss you all more than I expected! Haha :)

Pura Vida!

Adios niƱos!

Yesterday was my last day at the hogarcito. Starting Monday I will be working at a school, teaching English to children grades 1-6. A lot of the kids at this school are from a hogarcito that's just down the road from the school.

In some ways, I felt like today was the day a lot of the kids finally got comfortable with me. Don't get me wrong, they have always played and talked to me and participated in activities...but, today was different. Daniel, the youngest boy...he usually doesn't want to share the ball if we are kicking it or throwing it...he always says "NOOOOOO!!!! ES MIOOOOO!!!". However, today he was sharing fantasticly...kicking the ball to me, then to Jose-Javiar, etc. Then, while coloring today...several of them colored pictures and wrote sweet notes.

I helped some of the older kids with their homework assignments for the English classes. They all had to write about holidays in Costa Rica, what the dates were and how they celebrated. I love helping them with English, they are so stinkin' cute and their pronunciation is adorable. Jordan was teaching me colors in Italian, (him and his brother are being adopted by an Italian family) he tolde my Italian is as bad as my Spanish! Ha! Kids have a way of being brutally honest.

I definitely teared up when I was leaving...I'll miss all the kids and the tías who run the hogarcito! I hope and pray that all of those kids go on to lead fabulous lives. They all deserve absolutely the best! They all have such big personalities and just little things they all excel at...Esteven is a little gymnast, Anna is a singer - and someday an activist, Maria is the little mama of the group...taking care of everyone, Jordan & Daniel are comedians, Jerson is the serious type - businessman in the making, Jose-Javiar is the protective one...maybe a future police officer - he also seriously dislikes when people break the rules and he LOVES taking care of the animals there. Daniela has a future in acting, definitely going to be a telenovela dramatic! Mercedes & Ester (the sisters who were adopted) are both brilliant and have incredible personalities...I have no doubt they will do well in Italy!

I wish there was a way to see how they all turn out...however, it's GREAT to know that even if I were to return to the Palmarés Hogarcito a few years from now...none of the same kids would be there. And that means that they've either been adopted or have gone back to their families.

I hope that I have made a positive impact on all of them, they have all enriched my life in ways they will never know!

Buenos suerte niños!!!

Pura vida!


It is extremely rare to meet someone who is truly passionate about their job. Someone who really just LOVES what they do.

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting someone who fits that exact description. His name is Gabriel, and he is an organic coffee farmer. Despite the fact that I am not a coffee drinker, I tremendously enjoyed my tour of El Toledo coffee farm. We hiked the grounds and he showed us the process from start to finish, and educated us on organic/sustainable farming. As we wandered/hiked/walked...he would sporadicly walk over to a tree, pluck off a piece of fruit and cut it open for us to try. We had guava, nances, passion fruit and raw coffee beans (pre peeling and roasting they have a sweet, almost honey like taste).

At the end of the tour, we got to sample the three different types of coffee. I learned that I like the dark roast best black and the light roast best with cream & sugar.

I would HIGHLY recommend this tour who anyone who finds themselves near Atenas, Costa Rica. Gabriel and his wife are absolutely lovely, and you are certain to enjoy your time there. The views from the mountainside are is so peaceful there.

Further evidence that Costa Rica is more than just monkeys and beautiful beaches!

Pura vida y'all!